The Printroom of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen contains a world-famous collection of prints and drawings and is located in the entrance area which can be visited free of charge.

Print cabinet and depository
The print cabinet and depository were designed by Marieke van Diemen in 2008. Prints and drawings are very sensitive to light which means they cannot be placed on permanent exhibition but can only be exhibited intermittently. If you would like to view a work in the collection that is not currently on exhibition, you can do this in two ways:
- by requesting it via the digital program in the print cabinet (possible from Tuesday until Friday)
- by making an appointment in advance to view the work in the study room of the library.

About the Digital Presentation
In the presentation area next to the print depository, the print cabinet, there is a permanent digital presentation of around one thousand prints and drawings. It is a selection from the extensive collection of works on paper that are stored in the print depository. This presentation includes works by more than one hundred artists from all periods. The selection includes, for example, works by Dürer, Rembrandt and Cézanne. Using the digital program, you can not only choose works using various search criteria, but also magnify details and save selections from a work. These will then form part of the at random presentation of selected and most viewed works, which is active when the program is not being used.
If you would like to see one of these works 'in real life', it is possible to request that immediately using the same digital program that is used for the presentation. The requested drawing or print is then produced as quickly as possible, within half an hour, and presented on the presentation table located just a little farther away in the print room.
Information about works on paper in the collection can also be found on Collection Boijmans Online.

Making an appointment
If you wish to view a certain drawing or print or a group of works, you should make an appointment at least one week in advance with one of the employees of the print cabinet ( You should state what you would like to view. The art works are laid out for you before you arrive and you can study them in the study room of the library. It is, of course, only possible to view works that are currently stored in the depository. Prints and drawings are regularly loaned out to exhibitions elsewhere in the world. Several drawings are too fragile to be shown regularly to visitors.

When you visit the museum to view prints and drawings, conditions apply.