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The doctor's visit (Kafka's house)

Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (in 1938)

The Groningen-based printer Werkman is best known for compositions made from materials from his printing works. Initially abstract, they later became more fgurative and narrative in character. He also had a unique and expressive style of painting. Werkman wrote of this painting that he thought it had a ‘mystical atmosphere’ and that people would not easily tire of it. We know that Werkman has read several books by Kafka and it seems plausible that this painting was inspired by the story ‘Ein Landarzt’ in which a doctor visits a seriously ill boy.


Title The doctor's visit (Kafka's house)
Material and technique Oil on canvas
Object type Painting
Location This object is on view in Robbrechttrap (boven)
Dimensions (general) Length : 70 cm
Width : 70 cm
Makers Painter: Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman
Accession number 2659 (MK)
Credits Aankoop / Purchase: 1963
Department Modern Art
Acquisition date 1963
Age maker About 56 years old
Exhibitions The Collection Enriched (2011)
De collectie als tijdmachine (2017)
Material Canvas > Worked fibres > Fibre > Vegetable material > Organic material > Material > Material and technique
Oil > Paint > Artist's material > Material > Material and technique
Object Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Geographical origin The Netherlands > Western Europe > Europe

All about the maker

Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman

Leens 1882 - Bakkeveen 1945

Werkman was a member of 'De Ploeg', the Groningen artists' society founded in 1918. He designed and printed posters and other printed material for them. From 19..