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Landscape with Grazing Donkey

Joachim Patinir (in c. 1520)

This painting shows an extensive river landscape, the only narrative element being the grazing donkey with a saddle on its back. Was the panel once larger and did it contain more figures, such as Maria, Joseph and the baby Jesus, resting on the flight into Egypt? We do not know. Whatever the case, Patinir is rightly seen as one of the pioneers of landscape painting.


Title Landscape with Grazing Donkey
Material and technique Oil on panel
Object type Painting
Location This object is on view in room 33
Dimensions (general) Width : 23 cm
Height : 27 cm
Makers Painter: Joachim Patinir
Accession number 2474 (OK)
Credits Verworven met de verzameling van / Acquired with the collection of D.G. van Beuningen 1958
Department Old Masters
Acquisition date 1958
Age maker Between 35 and 44 years old
Collector Collector / D.G. van Beuningen
Exhibitions BABEL - Oude meesters terug uit Japan / Old Masters Back from Japan (2018)
Van Eyck tot Bruegel (1994)
External exhibitions Collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen – Bruegel’s ‘The Tower of Babel’ and Great 16th Century Masters (2017)
Material Panel > Worked wood > Wood > Vegetable material > Organic material > Material > Material and technique
Oil > Paint > Artist's material > Material > Material and technique
Object Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Geographical origin Southern Netherlands > The Netherlands > Western Europe > Europe

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All about the maker

Joachim Patinir

Bouvignes, Dinant circa 1480 - Antwerpen 1524

Virtually nothing is known about the life of Joachim Patinir, or Patenier. He appears for the first time in 1515 in the books of the St Luke guild, which he joi..