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Glass bowl with white and blue grapes, peaches and plums

Henri Fantin-Latour (in 1864)

This still life entitled ‘Glass dish with white and blue grapes, peaches and plums’ dates from 1864, the year in which Fantin-Latour made his third trip to England. He stayed there from July until October. In that period, he mainly painted still lifes. During his life, Fantin-Latour was known for his exuberant, sometimes tranquil still lifes with fruits and especially with flowers. In 1862, one of his still lifes was exhibited in the Royal Academy in London. It was the first in a long series, because since then Fantin-Latour submitted several lifes almost every year. These invariably enjoyed a prominent place in the London exhibition building. In the Netherlands, too, his still lifes were greeted warmly. At the ‘Exhibition of Living Masters’ of 1899 in Amsterdam, a small still life with roses cost 2,000.00 guilders, a considerable amount for that time. Art dealers such as E.J. van Wisselingh and Huinck & Scherjon, both located in Amsterdam, regularly stocked work by Fantin-Latour until the 1930s. Much of his work ended up in Dutch museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller in Otterlo thanks to gifts and bequests.


Title Glass bowl with white and blue grapes, peaches and plums
Material and technique Oil on canvas
Object type Painting
Location This object is on view in Robbrechttrap (boven)
Dimensions (general) Width : 48 cm
Height : 43 cm
Makers Painter: Henri Fantin-Latour
Accession number VdV 24
Credits Bruikleen / Loan: Stichting Willem van der Vorm 1972
Department Modern Art
Acquisition date 1972
Age maker Unknown
Collector Collector / Willem van der Vorm
Exhibitions Impressionisme: Een schone kijk (1992)
The Collection Enriched (2011)
De collectie als tijdmachine (2017)
De verzameling Willem van der Vorm. Schilderijen van Hollandse en Franse meesters uit de 17e en 19e eeuw (1950)
External exhibitions De fluwelen touch van Fantin-Latour (2013)
Material Canvas > Worked fibres > Fibre > Vegetable material > Organic material > Material > Material and technique
Oil > Paint > Artist's material > Material > Material and technique
Object Painting > Painting > Two-dimensional object > Art object
Geographical origin France > Western Europe > Europe

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