A journey through art history


In the Middle Ages craftsmen made costly items for the Church, but also pilgrim's badges and household items. People ate with a knife and spoon; forks did not yet exist.

15th century

‘The Three Marys at the Tomb’ by Jan and/or Hubert van Eyck underwent extensive research and conservation in 2013.

16th century

One of the best-known works in the collection is 'The Tower of Babel': a tower of hubris and confusion.

17th century

Why do we call the 17th century the Golden Age? Travel back to the age of discovery, rich merchants and Dutch masters.

18th century

A sumptous and decorative showpiece by Jan Weenix with a dead swan in the leading role.

19th century

Over hills and dales: the Impressionists swapped their studios for the countryside.


Mondrian saw the world in primary colours and horizontal and vertical lines.


Gerrit and Wim Rietveld designed the Mondial chair for Expo 58 in Brussels.


This work by Donald Judd, acquired by the museum in 1979, is a typical example of Minimalist art.


A museum collection consists not only of paintings, drawings and sculptures but also embraces design, installations, photography and video art. Time is the central theme in this video work by David Claerbout.

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