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Here you'll find over 8.500 of the 140.000 artworks and design objects in our collection, and we're constantly adding new ones. From old masters to modern art, from fine art to applied arts. On this website you will travel through art history, to masterpieces such as the 16th century Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel, and Titus at his desk by Rembrandt, to works by the surrealist artists Dalí and Magritte, prints by Goya, early Netherlandish drawings, contemporary installations, and work made by artists from Rotterdam.

You can also find applied arts from throughout the ages: From pre-industrial thimbles, collector's cabinets from the Golden Age, to chairs by Gispen or Eames. At over 1850 artworks you'll find links to objects which are represented on the image.

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